American Patchwork
(AMPATCH013: 708527101322)

David McClymont was the bass player in Orange Juice, playing in the early 1980s alongside guitarist Malcolm Ross and singer Edwyn Collins. Nick Currie -- aka Momus -- had his musical beginnings in another grouped co-founded by Malcolm Ross, The Happy Family. Hoping to sign to the legendary Postcard Records, The Happy Family ended up making an album for 4AD. Thirty years on, Momus and McClymont are living in "the Scottish diaspora"; Momus in Osaka, Japan, McClymont in Melbourne, Australia (same timezone, different season). McClymont has been musically inactive for some years, but stumbles across some Momus tracks on YouTube and, inspired by them, begins recording. At first he plans just to invite Momus to supply guest vocals for one song, My Greatest Mistake. But the results are so good they end up recording more than a dozen tracks. McClymont's tight, solid, retro-80s rhythm tracks and basslines give the songs more heft than Momus' solo productions, and the result is a great pop album.

1. Pinocchio, 2. Buzz, 3. Hotpants, 4. My Greatest Mistake, 5. Incompetence, 6. Google is Wrong, 7. Shadowman, 8. Buses, 9. Oxygene Liquide, 10. Parallel, 11. Stakhanovites, 12. Eurabia, 13. The Snowdog

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