Momus - Vivid

American Patchwork
(AMPATCH027: 708527200230/AMPATCH027-3)

Release date: 7/14/2020

"This is an amazingly intense moment for the whole of mankind and, for a marginal artist like me, an extraordinary opportunity to experience what everyone else is experiencing." That's what Momus told the BBC in mid-April when they approached him for a statement about his album in progress, a documentation of his own experience of COVID-19. On March 16th, in lockdown in Berlin, Momus had begun recording a new album called Vivid. "Goodbye everyone, it's a scary old world, but thanks for the ride", ran the lyric to Oblivion, a song whose rapid, phasing accordions evoked the post-minimalism of Steve Reich, Michael Nyman and Meredith Monk. The following day the Scottish songwriter came down with COVID-19 himself, and spent a week in bed, feverish and frightened. The infection passed without much damage, and Momus was able to resume work, completing fifteen tracks in just over a month. Songs like Working From Home, Self-Isolation, My Corona and Ten Foot Hut explore the odd mixture of fear and boredom that the pandemic has unleashed on us all: the sense of being possessed by some kind of malign spirit, and the vague hope that a better world might emerge at the end of all this. There's even room for some dark humour in the form of a chilly, forensic cover of Tom Lehrer's epidemiological song I Got It From Agnes. Vivid — already hailed as one of the strongest Momus albums in years — is published simultaneously with Niche, a playful autobiography described by Publishers Weekly as "that rare show-biz memoir that's both entertaining and a literary triumph".

1. Oblivion, 2. Working From Home, 3. Ten Foot Hut, 4. September, 5. Parasite, 6 .Self-Isolation, 7. Empty Paris, 8. Movement, 9. I Got It From Agnes, 10. My Corona, 11. Long Distance Love, 12. Spring, 13. Levitation, 14. Fever Dream, 15. Optimism

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