Momus and John Henriksson - Thunderclown

American Patchwork
(AMPATCH010-2: 708527101025/AMPATCH010-3)
Release date: 07/12/2011
Genre: Electronic

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In May Momus completed his 2011 album, Thunderclown, a croony-crackly affair cooked up in close collaboration with Stockholm vinyl-charmer John Henriksson. On it he aspires to be a sort of altermodern indie Harry Belafonte. The whole album is available as a YouTube playlist. Track notes: 1. I dynamited Phil Spector out of prison and flew him to Osaka to produce this, so I really hope you like it; 2. the blankey-bo might be Nishinari, Osaka's worst slum; 3. the pattern of their life is killing these Chinese lovers; 4. impressed some person's pants away with clever conversation from a magazine; 5. into the rain a little sun must shine, and into Paris a few bullets must fly; 6. did I ever tell you how I met your mother, Horse and Charlie, Whizz and Blow?; 7. contests some of the wisdom of Shakespeare's famous dispenser of saws; 8. when it comes to queasy topics like this, it's just me, Lehrer and Halen; 9. I firmly believe that the future will be again one day what it was; 10. biology may not be destiny for me, but it is for my children; 11. you opt to spend your last months on Earth watching TV; 12. the thunderclown is Heraclitus.
1. Thunderclown
2. Love Wakes The Devil
3. The Thunderclown
4. Willow Pattern
5. Precocious Young Miss Calloway
6. The Criminal
7. How I Met Your Mother
8. Baloney Polonius
9. The Teacher
10. Futura Bold
11. We Don't Have To Make Children
12. Shangri-la
13. Gibbous Moon

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