Aberdeen - What Do I Wish For Now? Singles Collection 1994 - 2004

Usedbinpop Music
(UBP002: 724101266829/UBP002-3)
Release date: 07/01/2017
Genre: indiepop

The complete singles collection, 1994 - 2004 from Californian Indie Pop combo Aberdeen. 60 minutes of music originally released on Sarah Records, Sunday Records, The Tremolo Arm Users Club, and LTM Recordings. Featuring mixes from original session producers David Newton, Steve McClintic and John Girgus, digitally mastered by Ulysses Noriega using authentic analog emulations. Booklet includes new artwork, credits, and rare studio photos. A Used Bin Pop Music Group release in accordance with Sarah Records.

"Like Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, Aberdeen's What Do I Wish for Now? is a glimpse into a fractured romance, though its pleasures are more reverie than voyeurism. The disc brings together all Aberdeen's singles and EPs, plus three compilation rarities, but Aberdeen initiates will still want to seek out Homesick & Happy to Be Here for album cuts like string-afloat "Homesick" and equally buoyant "Handsome Drink" (one of the "Buffy" tracks). Together or apart, Arzy and Girgus are at their best when they channel their drizzly English inspirations through their own southern California sensibilities. And overhead, there's not a cloud that couldn't once have been skywriting."

- Marc Hogan, Pitchfork (7.7)

1. Byron
2. Toy Tambourine
3. Fran
4. Fireworks
5. Super Sunny Summer
6. When It Doesn't Matter Anymore
7. Snapdragon
8. I think I'm Falling
9. Sink or Float
10. Drive
11. The Boy Has Gone Away
12. Miss You Now You're Gone
13. Emma's House
14. Florida
15. Late Bloomr
16. Kyoto Death Song

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