A Cuckoo - Destination Unknown

Le Grand Magistery
(HRH045: 616656004523)

“There is something reassuringly old fashioned about A Cuckoo, a singular individual who dwells on the Yorkshire Moors and has a fixation with sepia-toned Edwardiana, music boxes and the like… MOJO would like to add that we hope that A Cuckoo’s forthcoming album will be available on 78. It would seem impolite if it wasn’t.” – MOJO By the age of 17 A Cuckoo had already played in respected UK bands Blue Aeroplanes and House of Love. In his early 20s he started to create and produce his own music. In the meantime he ended up working nearly full time as a composer for the BBC, which is where he “learnt how to orchestrate and paint sonic pictures.” Quietly A Cuckoo began putting some of the rough ideas that he was developing up on MySpace.. The page quickly began to gather a list of complimentary comments and was visited by A Girl called Eddy (former Le Grand Magistery recording artist, currently signed to Anti), who asked what the situation was with the release of his material. “Um, they’re only rough snippets!” replied A Cuckoo, so A Girl Called Eddy put him in touch with Matthew Jacobson from Le Grand Magistery who insisted he finish the album so he could release it. The result is ‘Destination Unknown’. A magical and dusty esoteric mix of styles that seems to effortlessly project a work of humble yet visionary compositions and poetry. Filled with music boxes, accordions, mandolins, bells, a quartet, acoustic guitars, and endless melody. “Great songs” - Chris Difford of Squeeze

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