Yearning, The - Take Me All Over the World

(ELE1223-1: 8428846112237/ELE1223-2: 8428846212234)
Release date: 02/16/2018
Genre: Indiepop

Vinyl comes with download.

The untiring Joe Moore is back with a new reference from THE YEARNING, in his endless search for beauty in music. In fact, some of the songs on this mini album were conceived as continuations of the songs included on the last album, “Evening Souvenirs”, after the adventures with Lia Pamina and THE PERFECT KISS.

Accompanied again by Maddie Dobie and Mark Kiff, Joe Moore continues addressing his usual inclinations: the chanson, chamber pop, bossa, and above all, the perfect song. And once again, he is handling all the production work, the recording, and the songwriting, and is playing almost all the instruments. “How Do You Make Somebody Fall In Love?” insists precisely on everything that “Evening Souvenirs” aimed toward: the fragile delicateness of Claudine Longet and Françoise Hardy, elevated by baroque arrangements and exquisite nuances. “Do You Remember?” is pure energy, festive and agile samba with orchestration that evokes musicals (that bridge that reminds us so much of “La La Land”) with a nostalgic look at how much music has changed. Side A closes with “Everything Is You” - elegance with echoes of Astrud Gilberto and Elis Regina, and that sax solo that Stan Getz would have been happy to have written. A beautiful bossa piece dedicated to his family.
And the Brazilian breezes that are the clear stars of this album also open Side B, with “Airplane (Fly Me To Mexico)”, the song that the title of this Mini-CD Digipak and 10” Mini-LP comes from. The song opens as if it were on Broadway, Gal Costa takes over the excitement of this mid-tempo, suddenly the song breaks out into swing and jazz, to ultimately go back to bossa and confirm its return to the real world. “Learn To Love” is a duet like those sung by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood, but Joe Moore’s wonderful vocal intervention harmonizing with Maddie Dobie is so amazing it could bring us to collaborations between Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan or Kylie Minogue and Nick Cave. It’s baroque pop, a waltz with echoes of Shostakovich, the continuation of where “Nightingale” left on the previous album. The same way “Something I Should Know” brings back the story laid out in “The Moment Your Heart Would Say Goodbye” through a piano piece and a sad, emotional, hopeless voice.
This is the latest delicacy to add to the collection the Joe Moore offers us. He is without a doubt an artist with a calling, who will make an indelible mark on all lovers of chamber pop.

TRACKLIST: 01 How Do You Make Somebody Fall In Love?  02 Do You Remember?  03 Everything Is You 04 Airplane (Fly Me To Mexico)  05 Learn To Love  06 Something I Should Know


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