Nest - Body Pilot

(SERE11.3: 708527671122)
Release date: 09/13/2011
Genre: Electronic

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1. Stillness, 2. The Dying Roar, 3. Koretz's Meteor, 4. The Ultimate Horizon

10" vinyl Limited to 500. Nest is the collaborative project of Huw Roberts and Otto A. Totland. Using a combination of acoustic instruments, field recordings and sample manipulation, the two work together to create instrumental music linked closely with their environments.

To date, Nest have released one EP and one album, both through Serein. Their debut EP was released in 2007 and made available for free download, to date is has been downloaded over 25,000 times. In 2009, this material was re-released alongside five new pieces on their CD album, 'Retold', which quickly sold out at source. Nest are now set to release 'Body Pilot'. An EP comprising four new pieces based around the theme of flight.

While unmistakably a Nest record, the material on 'Body Pilot' marks a more restrained, pared back development of Nest's sound. The palette used to craft these pieces is sparser than on previous recordings, placing greater emphasis on the nuances and subtleties of each sound.

'Stillness' opens proceedings on familiar ground. Gently sustained strings rise from a near inaudible hum and are accompanied by slow, resounding piano notes. The pace is glacial, each sound unravels and unfolds in sequence painting a vivid picture of the record's opening scene. The muted greens of an open plain as it tapers into the distance and the pearl-white of the sky, featureless save the bas-relief of a distant mountain range. The landscape resonates in sympathy with the beckoning drone of a propeller engine.

On 'The Dying Roar', we find ourselves borne aloft amid turbulent skies. Brass and woodwind instruments swirl and eddy, growing in intensity until, like the ground disappearing below, they blur and fade into nothing. The engines are cut and we glide silently into the white. Solo piano plays out the piece and closes the first side of the record.

In sharp contrast with the pieces preceding it, "Koretz's Meteor" opens with the haunted drone of an electronic synthesiser. Unidentifiable sounds and effects clamour for space around the rising growl, sweeping from left to right, submerging and resurfacing. A camera shutter opens and closes, cicadas sing in the night, what could it be, that burns so bright?

'Body Pilot' comes to a close with 'The Ultimate Horizon', a detached, isolated piece of music. Sounds speed up and slow down like the on / off of a propeller, sub-bass rises and falls, passing above and below hearing level. The track fades as we travel beyond the infinite.

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